Edison Bulbs for Weddings & Events

Stylish and Electric...

Custom Pendant Fixture with various size bulbs

Edison bulbs are exposed hanging bulbs with intricate filaments which glow in a gorgeously warm golden color hue. Whether they're hung under beams or clustered together as a stunning center piece they are a perfect choice for vintage, urban, industrial and urban-chic weddings or social events.

We use assorted bulbs varying in size, shape and filament style in our custom-made wiring looms to create stunning displays for weddings and events.

Edison Bulbs for Wedding Ceremonies

Let us help you Light up your wedding ceremony space with Vintage Edison bulbs! Hang them on your ceremony arch to create a backdrop. How about decorate a living tree or Dream Lighting Company can create a large overhead fixture to complement your ceremony space. Add greenery, blooms, mason jars to make a stunning display.

Our lighting services for weddings and events include all equipment design, installation and removal.

Custom Pendant fixture 
Venue: Gather On Broadway - Green Bay
Photo By: Paul D Manke Photography
Venue: Gather On Broadway - Green Bay, WI Custom Pendant Fixture by DLC


Edison Bulb Collection

We only use the best bulbs for the greatest looking filament and matching color temperature. All our fixtures use a variety of different shapes and sizes

Wine Bottle Feature

Ahhh..the wine drinkers will love this added feature to any custom pendant fixture

Mason Jar Lighting

Vintage Inspired Mason Jars can be added to any of our fixtures. Giving you the farm house feel or vintage look.

Metal Cages

Create a industrial look with our filament Edison bulbs by adding Antique Cages available in many color styles

Our favorite Nostalgic Collection...

Grand Nostalgic Collection


Perfectly crafted bulbs to preserve the 20th century. Over sized glass bulbs add dimensions to any one of our custom fixtures, giving a bigger vintage feel. Most bulbs are 11” tall with handmade spiral filament. Add just a few to your pendant fixture or we can change out all standard sizes to make it 

Grand "



“Welcome to Nostalgia”